Nørgaard På Strøget

Nørgaard På Strøget

In the spring of 2023, we got the opportunity to rent the project room GUL in the iconic store: Nørgaard På Strøget, where several inspiring companies had been before we took over. 

Among others, Icon Visions, Peach and Rentage have had pop up periods in the space. It was therefor with great excitement that we were allowed to be next in line.

We moved into the project space GUL with the largest selection of vintage designer sunglasses we have ever displayed. During the month we presented over two hundred different models. 

At the start, the period was agreed to last for two weeks, but we quickly discovered the hype and interest in our univers, therefore we extended the period by another two weeks. 

It was new for us to sell physically for such a long period, as our sales are exclusively online, or one-day pop ups at already existing vintage stores. This time we had to create our own physical univers and store, and it was incredibly exciting. 

The best part about it was meeting all of you who buy our products and who, like us, are totally geeks about vintage designer sunglasses. 

During the period, we got hold of quite a few vintage grails that we never thought we would be allowed to buy, or get our hands on. This is exactly what the physical meeting and sales can do. 

That month in the spring of 2023 is still an experience that we are very proud of. 
We can already annonce that we are working on making it happen again.


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